Who's Name is on this?

Posted by Major Dave on 9:14 AM

This is a call to all of my accountability partners and friends to keep me accountable.
Some recent events have pushed me to the following reflection. As I prepared to leave for holidays, I asked Daniel if he would lead "Winds" in my absence. Of course, he agreed, but indicated that he would be spending time developing relationship with some of his friends who need the Hope of Christ in their lives.

I should have been delighted, but found myself asking "How do I connect with Daniel's friends?". The answer is simple: "I don't. He does. And I support, encourage and resource him to work with his friends." BUT, I seem to want (need) to put my "sticky" fingers on this one. Something within me wants my NAME branded all over this.

Save me from myself!!! Not my name, but HIS name, and let Winds of Hope blow where they need to.
Spirit I call you to come from the four winds and blow upon these dead in order that they may live.



Glenn Smith says:

Dave and Daniel,
It is neat to read your blogs and to be part of a network that prays for WOH every day.


Mj Dave,{a bit more than a comment}

I know you want to be apart of this. But something's telling me, I'm supposed to recive something from you, and that your work is almost over. Even though I wish you could be with me, travel all over the world. I have a prophetic anointing over my life to, and this is what i belive, for G-d HAS told me.

But here's a thought, your sons aren't willing to go all the way to Jorden river for that portion, I am. they can't get it unless they go all the way. You've done only what a father can do. If you go somewhere, invite me; like you have been. Thank you so much.

Thank you for wresling with God and his ideas. Thank you for keeping Winds Of Hope alive. Thank you for you blessing. love you.

Daniel S.

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