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Posted by daniel on 7:47 PM

WOH Lets get started Organic Church

First I'd like to thank Maj. David McCann for letting me borrow his book, Organic Church, since it's the only one he has. For some backround information that most of you don't know, I really didn't want to read this book because I thought it was just another Churchy book. Already, after half way through the first chapterI had to put down the book and chew on the words for a bit. Stepping out in faith is a whole new concept for me now. Stepping out in faith isn't just beliving that God can or may do anything at any moment, but instead of you yourself doing something, it means beliving that God will do something in that moment that you step out. So while I was waiting for miracles to happend and the wind to call me into battle, I stumbled onto this book and now I'm really messed up. This, of all things, should have been the easiest thing for me to read and accept!

I am not ashamed of the gospel, because because it is the power of God for the
salvation of everyone who belives: first for the jew and then the Gentile.

So basically I'm ashamed of being unable to share the good news to anyone who needs it for fear that they'll follow religion and not God. I don't know why, but it's the hardest thing for me to get past. Now I know why stepping out in faith is such a big deal; it's beliveing that the person your going to share Jesus with, IS ALREADY SAVED! I think this'll take some courage on my part... So, Julie, you know what that means if you're reading this! It means talking to random people on the street and TELLING them about God even if they're holding chainsaws! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! What about us?? We all need to pray for each other, and anyone else who's interested in joining WOH, for the rest of the summer ( Julie, David McCann and I ) and for Winds Of Hope, so we can start right away. I'm not going into battle without a sword! Yeah I know that's my Bible...

As my mom's favorite inspector, Columbo, says, " just one more thing!" Faith is our shield. I think i just had an epiphany. I can get started anytime if I just have faith. WHY is this such a hard concept to grasp??

Winds of hope member: Daniel



This is a great posting, Daniel. Proud of you... before long you'll be outshining your spiritual Dad.
I have another "life-changing" book for you to read after you finish "Organic Church". You need to read "Light Belongs in the Darkness".

Can i coment myself?? Oh that's so cool. Good job ME!

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