Remember the Poor

Posted by Major Dave on 8:24 PM

Is this a direction from the Lord for Winds of Hope? I had been reading Galatians, where Paul is presenting his "gospel" to the other apostles. He gains their approval to continue reaching the gentiles with one provision: "Don't forget the poor!".

Later that day I walked down Ste Catherine street to meet my friend Glenn for lunch. Each time I passed someone begging for a hand-out on the street I was touched. I pictured what it might be like if Winds were to walk Ste Catherine street with ready made sandwiches and bottled water. Offering a cup of water in His name...??? This would be a great learning time for the younger members of Winds... and a chance to take the Word, Prophecy, and Prayer to the street. We are called to be light where it is most needed.

Or is my call to "remember" the poor to be served out with my contacts at the Booth Centre. I sense the Lord leading in ONE direction, but have been assigned a different direction. Please pray that God will make his direction clear. Time and resources probably mean that I cannot meaningfully be involved with both projects.

Insights and comments are welcome.



I read a bit of corinthians and it says: "The only thing that counts is Faith Expressing itself through love."(cor. 5 Verse 6) Maybe that'll help :P

Anonymous says:

I guess I experienced today what you just wrote, Daniel! One customer gave me an unexpected 5$ today in appreciation for my service. As I walked by my secretary (a single parent), I just dropped the cash and told her to have a coffee on me;) She smiled, but I think I was the most happy! So later today I went to my grandma's to honour my commitment to a special project she has; in appreciation for my involment, she insisted on giving me... 10 BUCKS! I sensed the Lord wink at me... Blessings! Julie

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