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The hope in hopelessness

I don't know what it is, but I feel like we're not doing something. Praying for people can be quite an ordeal + it's never enough. loveing someone until you go insane won't be enough for that person. So what are we to do when we know we can't save the world? An ironic question for me since I'm supposed to go to Nations... But I, scratch that I, God, can't save the people who refuse to believe. And can't push the people who refuse to go further with God. Sure they'll be recognized, but will they really enter the presence of God in heaven? XD =) Well, maybe heaven is his presence, but enough of that! I guess in this way, we can't prevent the apocolypse, nor can we make ourselves believe that we can make it come faster. We ourselves cannot heal or raise people from the dead. I cringe when I imagine what we would do. But we can't raise the dead until we recieve the Holy Spirit. So what more can we do without the Holy Spirit?

Well ... I can read the bible that's for sure. ok sums that up... That's all I can do? Be as good as I can be and read the bible? This makes me very discontent and depressed everytime I think this way... And to everyone who thinks like me and is reading this, happiness is a choice, and I've decided to chose it because God has given me a life to live and that's worth dying for; worth being raped and hung for. Not because those evil things were done to you, but because you simply breathed air. Don't you feel a slight bit of joy when you breathe the air into your lungs when there's a nice cool breeze at night? I feel like every reason for suicide leaves my mind. Everybody thinks of suicide, but not everyone does it. (Just to state what's normal and what's not). But what else can we do? Well I think this is about to get encouraging.

THE BIBLE (Rom. 8:26) says that even your sighs are prayers to God. So in a way, we already are doing what we can. But am I doing what I should be doing by being discontent? If it's Holy discontent I believe so. Example: If you're legitimatly unhappy because when you talk to people about God you can feel the tension and their ignorance towards God then yes I believe it's a holy unhappiness. But if your unhappy that someone slapped you, then forgive that person and move on. I'm kinda proud that I can forgive like this, but God gave this gift to me. So I boast in the Lord! thank you God! You gave me the air I breathe! I'm not in a gas Chamber in a War torn country; no, world!!

So we can thank God, read the Bible and live as we have before we read this message to.. humm lets see can I pick? The Gentiles! And the jews:P The Jews need this more, but more people circumsized of the heart will read this. ... So encouragement and relief for the Gentils, and refreshment of rules for Jews.

Daniel S.



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