Planting not sowing - A new season

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I preached at a local church just over a week ago, and at the conclusion of the service, Julie said something strange to me. You weren't sowing, you were planting! Since then, I have been meditating on the differences and implications. I will be looking for your thoughts and contributions, as well. Please feel free to post a comment or reflexion.
Further to Julie's comment, I had a phone conversation with Tim, and he encouraged me to understand and move into the NEW SEASON that God has for my life and ministry. He also had some interesting insight on the difference between Sowing and Planting.
Later the same week I had some discussions with Paul, and most recently Alain.
There's definitely some digging to be done here. Want to help??
To make matters even more interesting, I have observed an interesting evolution in Winds of Hope. Where we were meeting 4 or 5 together, now I am having numerous one-on-one meetings, building up individuals, seeing the Winds of Hope blow on one relationship at a time.
Further reflexions to follow.



Hi David,

Biblically, I am not sure there is a difference between the two. At the time of Christ, their planting technique was scattering seed . . . sowing. It was very inefficient: about a 4-5 fold return, barely enough to sustain them and have seed for the next season. It is a mistake to read our agricultural paradigms onto the Scriptural text, as they simply don't apply.

However, in our world, it would seem that planting is a more "purposeful" and "planned" concept than sowing which tends to imply something haphazard.

Bless you.


David Hibbert says:

Got me thining ... David H.

I think we do more sowing than planting.

Anonymous says:

I found the following definition at a gardening site.

The difference between 'sowing' and 'planting'

Sowing involves putting seeds into a soil, the seed then (hopefully) germinates and a plant grows - until the seed goes into the soil, the seed is dormant and needs no special attention (usually 'fresh' seeds have a shelf life of 2 to 4 years).
Planting involves taking a living plant which needs water and light, and putting it into the soil. Plants can either be grown by a gardener from seed, or purchased from a nursery.

I hope it sheds some light.

Anonymous says:

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