Even a cup of coffee in my name!

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Starbucks Report.
Monday. July 3 @ 3:24 p.m.

I waited for a quiet moment @ the cash. Left the cashier $10, and explained that I wanted to pay for the coffee of the next person to come through the doors.

The beneficiaries of this random act of blessing were two ladies: an older and a younger - perhaps Mother and Daughter.
Their initial reaction was Awkwardness, followed by a huge smile. The cashier pointed me out. ''C'est vous Monsieur? Merci."

The staff were incredulous but really enjoying the gesture. When I later went to pick up my change, the young man at the cash said: "What you are doing is really an amazing thing: To bring a smile to another human being. This is a good thing. If only we could see more people do this sort of thing!"

I remarked that I would be continuing this exercise for the rest of the month.

Personal Reflection: Interestingly, I felt significant awkwardness in the gesture. Was I trying "to set a hook"? Was I seeking or expecting acknowledgement? What an interesting take on Jesus' words about "offering a cup of cold water".

Question: Next time should I limit my gesture to a person on their own? They might be more available for conversation. (Although I like the idea of something purely random.)



Isn't the entire idea behind "Random acts of kindness" for you do your act and leave? This would certainly avoid the feelings of awkwardness (although you wouldn't get any change that way either :-) )

P. David says:

I think you did just right. Random acts on their own brighten up a day, but a random act with an offer to talk can brighten up a whole life.

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