Michael's Summit Experience

Posted by Major Dave on 12:32 AM
This summer, Michael attended a two week kind of camp called Summit this Summer. It was held just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. There were about 180 young adults there during his session from all over the United States.
Participants attended classes in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. The program also included free time for discussion groups, sports, and some sightseeing.
Michael writes: “What did I like best about my Summit experience? Was it the whitewater rafting? The chance to meet people from all over who were preparing to enter college or university? The chance to fly on my own across the country? The chance to attend great lectures by people who were really qualified and made it all so interesing? Was it those great sports times playing outside with everyone? Or was it the great food they served?
I went to Summit for the teaching. Here’s some of what touched me the most:
Dr. Norman Geisler gave us twelve reasons why we can trust the Scriptures. Another speaker showed us lots of stuff that support s things that happened in the Old Testament, like the Flood.
Mark Cahill’s presentation on why we should do evangelism really made me think about how I need to speak up more often.
There was that great video about abortion that galvanized my convictions about being pro-life.
Dr. Nobel gave us an important warning about how secular universities often treat Christian students: Be prepared!
A presentation on the goals of radical Islam got me thinkin’!
Hey thanks to all of you who prayed for me and for the three churches which ended up giving the exact amount needed to cover the cost of Summit! I’m motivated to continue learning what I can about God, the Bible and how I can defend and talk about my faith. I am now in a junior college (for two years) here in Quebec and working hard with no sightseeing or sports time.
I miss Summit!
Michael Pinney



Hi, Jan would like to come to church at St-Arbucks, but where is this?

Can I know before the 9th? Glad to know Michael will share on the Summit.

Starbuck is at the corner of Regent and Taschereau in Greenfield Park, on the South Shore.

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