Is Bigger always Better?

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Is BIGGER always BETTER? I must admit that I can instantly think of a number of examples that elicit an immediate and resounding "YES!" If you were a betting person, where would you place your money in the combat being prepared in the image displayed here?

Any yet Bigger is not necessarily better in every domain. Let me briefly champion "LITTLE".

Fifteen minutes down the road from the Starbucks where we do Church is the largest church in the province of Quebec: Église Nouvelle Vie. I love to declare with some sense of cryptic pride that I am the founder and leader of the smallest Church in the province of Quebec. By Biblical definition ("Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name...)... So I lead two small churches, one with two members, and one with three members.

Tuesday we sent one-third of our Church on a mission trip to Belize. Our little Church funded a big piece of the travel expense, and have the privilege of blessing Daniel with enough "mad money" to be a big blessing to those he will serve in Belize. Our smallness has helped us to to build meaningful relationships, disciple Daniel, and finally to release him with some real experience under his belt.

Thank God for the Big Churches. Thank God for the small Churches.



Hello Brother David,

How have you been. We haven't spoken for a while, so I thought I'd check your blog to get the latest. Exciting times in Quebec's smallest church. And I thought Forerunner held the title with 8 to 12!

You and your fellow Christians should seriously consider joining us one of these days for fellowship, worship, or any type of "ship" that would please God!

In the mean time, please feel free to give me a call and give my regards to the family!

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