The Starfish and the King - A Parable

Posted by Major Dave on 9:30 AM
Once there was a great and mighty king who would celebrate his birthday each and every year by going to the beach. For one week before the great event, heralds would be sent to the seashore, and the great edict read for all to hear. The King would celebrate his birthday at the beach, and all creatures were to clear the beach in preparation for his arrival. The hermit crabs would pack their meager belongings and move further down the beach. Seagulls would gather up any lazy clams and carry them away. The King was sovereign, and the beach was his.

But this birthday would be different. As the King waded ankle-deep into the warm ocean waters, there on the sand he spotted a creature - a starfish.

"What are you still doing here?", asked the King.

"Mighty King", said the Starfish, "You have ruled for many years. But I am no ordinary creature. I am an idea whose time has come!"

"I must make a lesson of this creature so that all may learn the rules of this kingdom", thought the King.

He ordered his servants to cut the Starfish into pieces, and to cast them into the sea as a warning to all. New ideas would not be tolerated in this kingdom.

And so, the servants did as the King had instructed, and all did learn a lesson.

1 x 5 = 5

5 x 5 = 25

25 x 5 = 125

125 x 5 = ...



Interestingly, Paul read this on our French Blog, and thought we should also consider that the 5 arms of the starfish might be symbolic of the 5-fold ministry that we embrace.
I think we have only just begun to unpack the significance of this image.

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