Some Prayer Request from the Winds family

Posted by Major Dave on 1:46 PM

As we met last Tuesday at Starbuck's we shared some prayer needs together. We invite you to join your prayers with those of the Winds family. Blessing.

Major David

  • Pray for an open Heaven over finances - that this hole would be miraculously filled by God's abundant and graceful and wonderful provision.
    Note from Julie: Major Dave, as I write this, I feel that, as snow is preparing in the highest places, money is also in preparation, and it has to fall to the level of our eyesight for us to say '' Well, there is the first snow fall! '' But still, the snow - as an picture of God's provision - is falling a long way down before we ever get to see it! So we are to pray for Rest in Jesus meanwhile!
  • Pray for this coming Sunday, as Major David is going to preach in Shawinigan; for a safe trip and for the very mouth of God to speak through Major David (and through Daniel also!) and that angels of winds would powerfully minister to each heart present and awaken the not-so-present ones! That His presence in the upper room would spill over to completely fill the Church with His Glory!
  • Pray for Fran├žois from Shawinigan for God to keep his heart warm during this time of hardship, and that God would open doors for Salvation Army officers to be able to visit and feed God's Holy fire!

  • Pray that God's Holy wind would clear out the FOG that sits around Daniel’s mind and heart; that Daniel would be allowed to think what the Spirit thinks and feel what the Spirit feels; that the fire of God would dry off Daniel's land and replenish it with the Source of Life flowing from the Throne!
  • Then, that the Wind would rise and get Daniel to fly on the Winds of Hope; for a kite to fly beautifully, it has to be held by the Master's hand and it has to submit and flow with the Wind...

  • Pray for God's divine appointment next Friday with my cousin Helene; that angelic presence would minister to her heart in a deep way above all her expectations; that His very Presence would deeply touch her heart in a lasting way while meeting her intellectual need for understanding; pray that she would recognize her need for Jesus and trust Him as her Savior.
  • Pray for godly inspiration and love and FUN ! while I am ministering to the children (ages 4-7) this coming Sunday, for my first time doing Sunday School as Henry’s helper! That I would be a blessing to all and a real help to Henry!
  • Pray for God's rest upon me as the Spirit is cleansing my inner being, transforming my “old man” into a new creation, from glory to glory!



In an amazing way God has opened the doors for Rock (the pastor in Shawinigan) and for myself to be put on the list of regular visitors to the Penetentiary where Francois will serve his sentence. He has asked if the two of us could come regularly to feed him spiritually and to keep him strong through this difficult period.
Pray for Francois, and those around him in the prison (staff and fellow inmates) that they would be touched. Pray that God will prepare DIVINE appointments for us there.

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