All It Takes Is You

Posted by daniel on 5:27 PM
You, is all it takes. It only takes a drop of water to change something from dry to wet. It only takes a straw to break a camels back. Watch what you say to people, they don't always know whether or not there is something wrong with themselves. If you want ot be the one to show them what's wrong, then try finding out what's wrong with yourself first. Stop trying to fix other people and fix yourselves. Your parents can give you bandaids but they can't heal you. You have to do that on your own. That's right, you have to heal yourselves.

If you feel that you need to tell someone something, don't because someone else already will. Instead be there for the friends that you have. Stop burning your bridges. Stop fighting. comfort each other. So what if john doe gave me a dirty look. smile back. Stop finding exuses to hurt your friends. You'll end up worse off than them in the end; if you keep it up. You can't forget what your going through, when your bleeding you can't ignore it, it shows through your clothes, but don't wipe the blood off yourself onto someone else. They have anough to clean up off themselves already; and if you don't belive this, you're being childish. Stop useing your misplaced rage to fit in with people and create infiriority complexes between yourselves. We are one. Without each other, we would die.

I get my food from IGA, not from the work I've done in school; and my dad at Bombardier doesn't come home with food. He comes home with money. Try to better yourselves instead of try to fix other peoples problems. Not that anyone is better or worse than you. Treat each other equally. You don't need communism to be equal. The president is as equal to the man who picks up your garbage every wednsday because we all work just as hard and come home tired at the end of the day. So what if they don't work as hard? If you think they aren't doing enough for their pay, why don't you work in their positistion. What about billionairs? What about them? Why are you asking? Stop living in a fairy tale world thinking that all you need is money to be happy. start thinking of the people next to you, your neihbour, your enemy, that girl or guy across the classroom or fellow employee that you've never really talked too. Reach out. Stop living like turtles always coupped up in their shell.

This goes especially to my christians friends. We have to, I have to, stop worrying about what our friends will think when we tel them how often we go to church. How much we really love God and why. If you really think your friend is open minded, wouldn't they understand? If they do hate you for being Christian, know that it's not your fault that they hate you. People hated Jesus. You can't countrol how people feel about you. Stop anylising it or trying to predict your foes next move. So they may through stones. You may get into fights. You don't need to fight back. If you know what your doing is right, then God will protect you. I'm not talking about a pumch in the face. You don't need protection from that c'mon. Seriously. You get punched tough.Pick yourself up, don't lie there in your opwn crap. ( like Holden Caufield in then Novel, The Catcher In The Rye. ). Start walking in faith. you may fall because of a sumbling stone but God put it there so you could learn from it.

Don't cry if you can't get up. Don't even bother. You make me sick with your aligaitor tears. Cry because of the pain you are going through AND are walking into, to get to a better place. to stop taking drugs, to stop smoking If your crying because you CAN'T stop then keep trying. But if your crying because you WON'T stop then you don't have my sympathy. I don't care how many people in this world do either. Does it look like I care what they think? I care about what God thinks. Stop setting yourselves up for a fall. Stop leaving your shoelaces untied and TIE THEM! GET UP! A man is less a man if he shows his pain and waits for someone else to help him up instead of lifting himself up. People will see you need help when you try and get up yourself. When people in wheelchairs get up people run to rush and help them because the starting getting out first. You could ask for help, but stop asking for someone to pick you up. Stop looking for someone to be a miricle in your life. Stop it! Stop refusing the trueth. stop denying. Girls, women, Stop trying to fill the void by harrasing each other with gossip. Stop competing for men. Men stop competing for women. Why do you think the right 'one' is going to come To you if you're the one chosing? Let God work the magic;) Guys, publicly insulting another male won't solve your personal problems and won't make you superior to anyone. You then wonder why you feel like you've done so much wrong and say that you can't handle your own mistakes. Then you keep on making them, refusing to learn from them. christians, don't waste your time after the second try of helping your friends. They honestly don't want it. It's A dog eat dog world out there. Don't become one. Try and back away from that stuff. Surround yourself with people that want more from life, in heaven, and help will find you. It only Takes you.

Daniel S.



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