Telling the Story

Posted by Major Dave on 2:21 PM
It seems to me that when Church pastors get together there are the inevitable comparisons: Mine is this big. How big is yours? Bigger, newer, more functions, whatever. So I don’t want to miss out on our claim to fame. I love to tell the story of Winds of Hope, and often tell it this way:

I have the smallest Church in Quebec. We have been operating since the beginning of January of this year, and we have one and a half members: Myself and a 16-year old named Daniel. I then go on to explain that Daniel counts for a full member, because he has a whole life of service in front of him, and I count for a half member, considering the years I might hope to have left.
We continually beg the Lord of the Harvest to save souls and bring them into the work. I believe we soon will be three, and then grow to two churches of two. When we honour the “two or three” principle taught by Jesus, multiplication and miraculous kingdom growth are the outcome.



Paster Dave,

I second that!!!

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